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Become a Roxstar Ambassador ....

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

So here is a summary and answers you require Roxstar is a global brand please see link for info on the group and all the various sectors associated Then the TRAVEL BUSINESS So we have Roxstar ambassadors all over the world across various capacities so these links will provide all the info you need and any questions please let me know Please fill in the form on the above link The brochure outlining info A few key points : You will have access to a complementary Roxstar membership for all your personal travel needs ( for you & your family) * Huge savings on all travel flights and hotels To promote Roxstar special deals on your social platforms & tag the respective brands you stand to earn commission on every successful booking through your affiliate code Access to privileged events from F1 to world cup to live concerts and festivals and private parties like FD Luxus NYE event To attend any of our Ambassador trips ( if you are selected ) where your role is to create content and travel the world with us some of our upcoming trips include Maldives , Bali , Dubai , Turkey and many more .... Then aside from the Travel benefits and earning potential we also have an entire division for models interested in working for our brands - Hostess Models - Photoshoots - Live events

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