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Roxstar Membership

Experience unparalleled luxury with Roxstar Membership for £1500 annually.
Enjoy a private concierge for personalized travel, exclusive perks like room upgrades and VIP amenities, and access to top-tier hotels and events. Benefit from special offers, promotions, and insider experiences, ensuring seamless, extraordinary journeys.

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Roxstar Membership Benefits:
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Personal assistant for all travel needs


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High-standard care for all arrangements


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Special offers, discounts, and promotions available

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Complimentary room upgrades and VIP amenities

(Property dependent)

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Expert guidance and support throughout your journeys

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Tailor-made travel experiences reflecting your preferences

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VIP access to major global events


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Room upgrades, late check-outs

(Property dependent)

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Arranging bespoke experiences and managing day-to-day needs during trips

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Unique journeys to hidden gems and iconic destinations

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VIP treatment at every touchpoint of your travels and experiences

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Complimentary access to spa facilities and treatments.

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Booking last-minute getaways


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Access to curated hotels, villas, yachts


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 ⁠Complete confidentiality


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Updates on new deals, unique experiences, and luxury travel insights directly to your inbox

Value Added Services

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Insider Access

As a Roxstar member, you will gain exclusive access to a world of private, invite-only events. Imagine attending elite villa parties, glamorous after-parties, and prestigious gatherings such as the Amfar Gala, Art Basel, and renowned film festivals. These extraordinary experiences provide unparalleled opportunities to mingle with the elite, enjoy top-tier entertainment, and immerse yourself in the epitome of luxury and sophistication.

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Hotel Affiliations

At Roxstar, we pride ourselves on our exclusive affiliations with the world's most prestigious 5-star hotels. Our partnerships span the globe, ensuring our clients experience unparalleled luxury and service at every destination

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Want to unlock access to this service?

Elevate your lifestyle with the Roxstar Membership, where luxury meets convenience. Enjoy personalized travel arrangements, bespoke event planning, and VIP concierge services designed to cater to your every need. Join an exclusive community that indulges in the finest experiences life has to offer. Sign up today or contact us to transform your lifestyle and embrace the extraordinary

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