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Roxstar Ambassador Membership

Discover unparalleled opportunities with the Roxstar Ambassador Membership. As an ambassador, you'll enjoy exclusive perks, including VIP access to events, personalized travel services, and unique networking opportunities. Elevate your status and connect with a global community of influencers and tastemakers. Sign up today to experience the exceptional benefits of becoming a Roxstar Ambassador.

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Ambassador Membership Benefits:
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Exclusive access to trader rates

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£10,000 membership value

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Exposure to a worldwide audience

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Invitations to media trips

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High commission structure

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Support in creating marketing content

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High commission using voucher codes

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Familiarisation trips to experience hotel services

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Networking with other ambassadors and clients

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Travel to exotic destinations with expenses covered

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High visibility through our marketing campaigns

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Special privileges and experiences

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Access to exclusive events

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Discounts on Roxstar services

Join the Elite Roxstar Ambassador Network

As a Roxstar Ambassador, you'll promote our group packages and services on social media and through word-of-mouth. We provide comprehensive support in content creation to help you engage potential clients effectively. Responsibilities:


Content Creation

Produce high-quality photos, engaging captions, and well-edited videos to captivate and inspire your audience

Image by Luca Bravo


Use of Unique Codes

Utilize personalized voucher codes effectively to maximize commissions and track referrals

Image by Timo Stern


Social Media Promotion

Actively share your experiences across various social media platforms to increase engagement and visibility

Image by Christin Hume


Reporting and Communication

Maintain regular updates and open communication with the Roxstar team, providing valuable feedback and insights

Image by Oliur

for Travel

We seek ambassadors who have a genuine love for travel, allowing them to connect authentically with their audience and showcase each destination’s beauty and uniqueness

Image by Jonathan Gallegos

Want to unlock access to this service?

Join us in redefining luxury travel. Click here to sign up and start your journey as a Roxstar Ambassador today. Share your passion for exploration, inspire your followers, and enjoy unparalleled benefits as you help shape the future of luxury travel and lifestyle.

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