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Travel Tastemakers

Peter Gould

Travel Tastemakers is a podcast brought to you by the people behind TFest. The first podcast of its kind, Travel Tastemakers delves into the ideas and stories of the leading people in the travel industry as we learn what makes them outliers in the field. Hosted by Peter Gould, each episode will cover views and trends in the ever-changing and expanding world of Luxury travel. Peter is an industry veteran and innovator, currently chairman of Worldwide Events, he has founded several other media and travel corporations over his extensive career. If you work in the industry or simply love travel this is the podcast for you.


The Podcast


The Roxstar insider lifestyle Podcast -  my desire is to share insider knowledge, and  give you an insight that you couldn't find on trip advisor or any typical review site.  I have travelled the world and maintained relationships with our high-net-worth clientele,  shared countless laughs, understood the areas and the key insights that are and can be of value to our listeners. So my vast network of relationships globally coupled with my gift of truly understanding people, ensuring we truly exceed all expectations when curating their trips maintaining only the best for them.  I love that we can share our knowledge including access and benefits we can give to clients where they would struggle without our input, perseverance and knowledge.  Sharing interesting and valuable insight including the references of some of our top clients and celebrity influencers share some of their craziest travel experiences the Roxstar Insider podcast will leave you smiling, laughing and completely inspired to travel again.  It is time to fly!

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The Business of people


Sponsors    3 Value Bombs:  

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2. Craziest event. was a Dog Wedding.  

3. Book: Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers    

The Business of People with Roxy Robinson.  


Smarter Event Planning Podcast:  


Roxy Robinson, a female entrepreneur from South Africa is setting a benchmark for all women who wish to become an entrepreneur. She is a woman of many talents and started her business journey in 2004 with a promotional modeling agency and gradually spread her wings to multiple new businesses.    


Her ventures have partnership relations in more than 124 countries making her a global business icon. She is the epitome of a self-made powerful woman and reached this point through consistent hard work and dedication towards her dreams, which inspires many other women to seek establishment in the business world.    


At present, she solely owns 5 companies and comes in the league of most powerful businesswomen in the world. She is well known for her professionalism, passion for her work, and vibrant personality. “While we can’t ignore the profit aspect of any business, it should also work with an aim to spread love and genuine support to people,” says Robinson in her statement. Apart from business, she is a part of several charities.    From representing her country in Sweden in Gymnastics at the age of 11 years to become a successful entrepreneur, she has come a long way and believes she still has a lot more to do and achieve, “We should never stop learning and striving for excellence,” as she says.  

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