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Roxstar PA Membership

Welcome to Roxstar PA Membership, a division of Roxstar Concierge, dedicated to empowering Personal Assistants, Executive Assistants, Secretaries, and Event Managers.

Our exclusive membership provides insider access to special deals and discounts, enabling you to excel in your role, save time and money, and enjoy the accolades without the stress. As a member, you'll benefit from our meticulous research and sourcing, ensuring that every service you choose meets the highest standards of excellence and cost-efficiency.

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PA Membership Benefits:
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Exclusive access to insider deals and discounts on essential services

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Global access to private jets, helicopters, and yachts with empty leg routes

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Specialization in organizing destination weddings and bespoke honeymoon experiences

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Streamlined processes to enhance efficiency

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Access to a curated portfolio of high-quality luxury villas worldwide

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VIP tables at prestigious events and red-carpet shows

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Pre-vetted services for peace of mind and confidence

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Highlights of top hotels by destination and VIP benefits

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Personalized sports travel with luxury accommodations and VIP viewing

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Partnerships with top-tier service providers

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Access to top restaurants and the best tables at nightclubs worldwide

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Luxury corporate and lifestyle wellness retreats tailored to personal or company goals

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Luxury travel perks including room upgrades, daily breakfast, and resort credits

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Expertise in organizing unforgettable events

Why Choose Roxstar PA Membership


We handle research, sourcing, and background checks for you


Access to top-tier services worldwide through trusted partnerships


Save time and money with our exclusive deals and tailored services


Benefit from our existing relationships and expertise since 2004


Dedicated support from Travel Directors and confidential rates


Connect with influential peers across global business sectors


Enjoy exclusive access to high-profile events globally


Personalized travel planning to fit your unique preferences


Want to unlock access to this service?

Unlock unparalleled efficiency and prestige with the Roxstar PA Membership. Gain exclusive access to top-tier services, luxury travel perks, and a network of influential peers. Streamline your responsibilities, save time and money, and make confident, cost-effective decisions. Join today and transform your role, enjoying the accolades without the stress. Be the star you are with Roxstar!

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