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Roxstar Premium Membership

Experience unparalleled luxury with the exclusive,
invite-only Roxstar Premium Membership. Enjoy access to VIP events, bespoke rates on all key services, and a host of exclusive perks. Indulge in personalized travel with a private concierge, room upgrades, and VIP amenities at top-tier hotels. Benefit from special offers, insider experiences, and more, ensuring your journeys are seamless and extraordinary. 

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Invite-Only by Roxy Robinson

Unlock the pinnacle of luxury with the Roxstar Premium Membership, an invitation-only privilege personally extended by our founder, Roxy Robinson. This exclusive membership is reserved for those who embody the true spirit of luxury travel and is offered solely through a personal invitation from Roxy herself. 

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Premium Membership Benefits:
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Personal assistant for all travel needs


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High-standard care for all arrangements


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Special offers, discounts, and promotions available

Website x Icons-01.png

Complimentary room upgrades and VIP amenities

(Property dependent)

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Expert guidance and support throughout your journeys

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Tailor-made travel experiences reflecting your preferences

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VIP access to major global events


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Room upgrades, late check-outs

(Property dependent)

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Arranging bespoke experiences and managing day-to-day needs during trips

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Unique journeys to hidden gems and iconic destinations

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VIP treatment at every touchpoint of your travels and experiences

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Complimentary access to spa facilities and treatments.

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Booking last-minute getaways


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Access to curated hotels, villas, yachts


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 ⁠Complete confidentiality


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Updates on new deals, unique experiences, and luxury travel insights directly to your inbox

Value Added Services

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