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Tsala Treetop Lodge: A Lush Retreat in the Heart of the Garden Route

Nestled among the ancient trees of South Africa's Garden Route, Tsala Treetop Lodge stands as a testament to opulence and natural beauty. With a legendary history and an architectural marvel, this luxurious retreat promises an experience like no other on the African continent. Here, we embark on an enchanting journey through the heart of Tsala Treetop Lodge, revealing the secrets of its allure. Our founder, Roxy Robinson had the honour of staying at this incredible lodge and loved it thoroughly.

The Tsala Story: A Masterpiece of Architecture

The story of Tsala Treetop Lodge begins with its architectural brilliance, a testament to human creativity seamlessly blending with the natural world. Tsala's mystique emanates from its awe-inspiring architecture, steeped in history and romance. It's a place where fantasy meets reality, making it a destination like no other.

Beautifully Located: A Gem in the Garden Route

Nestled between the charming coastal towns of Knysna and Plettenberg Bay, Tsala Treetop Lodge is a hidden gem awaiting your discovery. With a unique boutique resort that places you in treetop huts, it's a fusion of Tarzan-like adventures with lavish features. Just a stone's throw away from the coastal delights of Plettenberg Bay, Tsala offers a glamorous take on jungle living.

At the Hotel: Where Luxury Awaits

Within the grounds of Tsala, you'll find lush gardens, a library filled with a curated selection of books and DVDs, a boules court for leisurely games, a sun-drenched sundeck, and complimentary WiFi for those who wish to stay connected. The guest rooms are no less lavish, featuring open fires, private infinity plunge pools, sun-drenched decks, flat-screen TVs, DVD/CD players, underfloor heating, and exclusive Charlotte Rhys toiletries.

Our Favorite Rooms: Where Dreams Take Flight

The ten secluded suites offer a cozy haven with private decks overlooking the treetops and the indulgence of infinity plunge pools. Immerse yourself in the surrounding forest with glass walls offering panoramic views. The bathrooms are a spa-like retreat with deep stone tubs, twin sinks, and al fresco showers. For those who desire more space and amenities, the two-bedroom Villas come with kitchenettes, dining rooms, fully stocked minibars, satellite TVs, private pools, and a charming outdoor dining area.

Poolside Paradise: A World Above the Trees

Every suite and villa has its own private infinity pool cantilevered out from the decking, offering a surreal experience above the forest canopy. Lounge on comfortable sunloungers and savor the tranquility.

Packing Tips: Essentials for a Luxurious Getaway

To make the most of your stay, remember to pack sun hats and beachwear for warm summer days, cozy shrugs for cooler evenings, sturdy walking boots for exploring the forest, binoculars for bird-watching, and perhaps even a touch of whimsy, like a leopard-print loin cloth, to channel your inner Tarzan and Jane.

Indulge in Serenity

Tsala Treetop Lodge offers an array of spa treatments, including massages, reflexology, Shiatsu, and beauty treatments, available on request. Let the skilled therapists pamper your senses and elevate your relaxation.

Sustainability Efforts: Caring for the Environment

Tsala is committed to sustainability. The restaurant sources ingredients from Tsala's kitchen gardens, and the resort actively engages with local communities and charities to support biodiversity conservation. Tsala is also on a journey towards becoming a carbon-neutral haven.

Savor the Finest Cuisine

Pull up an African-baroque leopard-print-upholstered chair at a table by the open fire or choose to dine by candlelight on the deck, under the starry sky. Tsala's restaurant serves modern Euro-African fusion fare, crafted using herbs and vegetables from their own gardens. Other organic ingredients are sourced locally, within a 500-kilometer radius of the resort.

Hotel Bar: A Wine Lover's Paradise

While Tsala doesn't have a conventional bar, it offers the pleasure of sundowners on the restaurant deck or your private deck. The lodge boasts a fantastic wine cellar, where wine tastings can be arranged upon request. Additionally, the restaurant occasionally hosts gourmet wine evenings in winter.

In-Room Dining Excellence

Tsala Treetop Lodge offers a light menu of in-room dishes available 24 hours a day. You can also arrange for restaurant meals to be served in-suite by prior arrangement. For a unique dining experience, consider booking a gourmet picnic basket for two and enjoy a meal amidst the enchanting forest.

Discover a Hidden Paradise

Tsala Treetop Lodge is situated just 10 kilometers west of Plettenberg Bay, along the N2. Travel options are convenient, with nearby airports in George and Port Elizabeth. The hotel can assist with setting up car hire. For those traveling by car, Plettenberg Bay is a mere 15-minute drive away, with valet parking available at the hotel.

Worth Getting Out of Bed For: An Adventure Awaits

While the temptation to laze by your private pool, listening to the melodies of birds, is irresistible, Tsala can also arrange a host of activities, from gentle forest picnics to thrilling adventures like quad-biking, horse riding, catamaran cruises, golf, canopy tours, elephant safaris, and dolphin- or whale-watching expeditions. The sun-drenched beaches of Plett are only a short drive away, perfect for those who crave sun, sea, and sand. Contact us to get the best prices.

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