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The ROXSTAR Group’s elite concierge offerings include the top 5 star hotels globally , luxury homes and villas, five-star chefs and extraordinary supercars, private jets and yachts.

Starting with a glorious dream and the will to succeed, Roxy Robinson, Founder and CEO of The Roxstar Group is one of the only female successes to grace this luxury sector out of South Africa and beyond.

With a lot of perseverance, the South African entrepreneur has managed to build the most sought-after concierge company globally.

From the very beginning of The Roxstar Group, Roxy made a point to bring together the greatest concierge offerings, from the most over-the-top homes and villas, five-star chefs and extraordinary supercars to lavishly designed private jets and yachts. To her collection of renowned hotel affiliations globally

Curating such luxury lifestyle experiences has become increasingly demanded in recent years, which Roxy foresaw and capitalized on.

She always goes the extra mile surprising guests with personal touches she picked up from past conversations and ensuring any trip is turned into a once-in-a-lifetime experience .

She is also well known as the honeymoon guru with her inherit romance skills and the best bit is she gives the client the credit to make him or her look like the ultimate Romantic Roxstar

Her motto is to always make her clients feel like a big deal because bottom line they are and we make sure you feel like a Roxstar every step of the way

Starting with a single rental property and now with over 50 rental properties and over the most desirable destination in the world, there’s a reason the elite are calling on The Roxstar Group to take care of their concierge needs.

“The question is not if we will meet our clients’ expectations, but rather how far we will exceed them,” Roxy says. This statement, as simple as it may seem, profoundly dictates the company’s operations and mission.

It is not enough to simply exist; The Roxstar Group ensures every client touchpoint and experience is one to remember and leaves a positively lasting impression, leading the company to thrive over what was a tumultuous past two years amidst a global pandemic.

With luxury down to every detail, an expertly curated experience is just a phone call away. Just when you think the ideal villa rental doesn’t exist, or flights to Mykonos are totally booked, The Roxstar Group delivers on their ethos of making the unattainable and aspirational within reach.

Some of the incredible properties available to rent through The Roxstar Group include modern sanctuaries with panoramic city or landscape views, infinity-edge pools, indoor theatres, at-home spa sanctuaries and more.

Their vast portfolio of villa rentals are available along with a selection of chauffeur services and exotic vehicle rentals . The company can create an all-around exceptional experience from the steps off a private jet to the grand entrance of your mansion.

To garner the interest and gain the trust of the country’s most affluent clientele is not an easy feat. It requires an exceptional offering, stand-out service, and an authentic camaraderie often only achieved by industry veterans—all of which Roxy and The Roxstar Group manage to execute on with grace.

Going above and beyond to offer only the best of the best, it’s easy to see why you are in good hands with The Roxstar Group’s concierge team. Stay tuned for what’s to come by following

@Roxstargroup on Instagram.

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