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“No News No Shoes” is the philosophy at Soneva Fushi Maldives.

A paradise resort, set in dense jungle with a lovely contrast of glistening blue waters and white sandy shores.

A high-standard eco-friendly resort that consists of over water villas & beach villas. The resort has 64 Private Island Villas and 8 Over Water Retreats which are among the largest of their kind in the world, consisting of a terrace with a private pool and a water slide into the ocean. All villas come with a personalized butler service 24/7 which makes your stay convenient and relaxing. The Villas are all built from natural materials, and have everything you need on a vacation.

Relax at a stellar spa, enjoy a open-air cinema, the children will have fun at the world-class kids’ club.

Eight dining destinations offer a array of cuisines, with ingredients harvested from Soneva Fushi’s organic gardens or sustainably caught in nearby waters. Fresh seafood at Out of the Blue, breakfast at Flying sauces which is the world’s first fine-dining zipline experience, Destination Dining.

Magical experiences are designed to create unforgettable memories; explore the stars in the Observatory, encounter marine life at the thriving house reef. The snorkeling and diving are something you will never forget. Learn the art of glassblowing at the Maldives’ only hot glass studio. Take part in exclusive activities, experiences and visiting experts through our Soneva Stars calendar. The calendar varies from Michelin-starred chefs to sporting legends and acclaimed therapists. The island doesn't have a communal pool so enjoy your private saltwater swim.

Responsibility and sustainability is what the resort is about. It has one of the largest 700kWp solar power plants in the Maldives, and the resort has kept pockets of the island’s coastline untouched so turtles can continue nesting there which is what every nature lover, loves to hear, what you will find here are paper straws, glass bottles, bamboo toothbrushes and reusable ceramic containers.

You need a vacation and this is the place to be looking out for the environment and making sure you are having the best experiences.

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