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8 Private Island’s To Book For Your Birthday Party

Updated: May 17, 2021

Ned an isolated island to host a party? We have discovered 10 private islands that are party material! Some of Roxstar’s favourite locations

The Roxstar Luxury Group offers carefully curated packages that provide our clientele with an unsurpassed level of luxury, including exclusive access to the world’s finest hotels, unique travel options, bucket list experiences and more.

We are known for creating the unimaginable!

Bahamas, Choini Cay

At $21 000 per night, this ultra luxurious resort boasts 6 private white sand beaches. The resort is solar-powered and includes features such as a jacuzzi, a porch, that- covered walkways that are lined with candlelit structures.

Belize, Gladden Private Island

A more affordable island at $3000 a night is in Central America, close to Mexico. The Island is suited for smaller parties, with fewer guests. Due to its popularity, the place needs to be booked a year in advance.

Brazil, Japao Private Island

For full exclusivity, the island is booked out to one group of people at a time. The island includes its own private beach, swimming pool, hot tub and plenty of living space.

BVI, Necker Island

Owned by Richard Branson, this exclusive island can be booked all-year round. The island comfortably sleeps up to thirty people in fifteen bedrooms.

Fiji, Vomo Island

The stunning island will set you back $39 000 per night. The island is only a fifteen minute flight from Fiji’s main airport. The stunning beach villas to rent is the ultimate escape and venue for a celebration!

Grenada, Calvigny

This island is bigger in comparison to most islands. It hosts two sandy beaches, with views of the Atlantic and Carribean ocean. Guests are also allowed access to the sailing yacht or one of the twelve boats.

Honduras, Villa on Dunbar Rock

The once private villas are located on a sea-level white sand beach. The accommodation is 4 floors high and can hold a maximum of 22 guests. The highlight of the trip would most probably be the access to the dive boats.

Maldives, Voavoah Private Island

Priced at $46 000 per night, this pristine island is the ultimate hideaway with all the amenities of staying at the hotel. The island has both cabins and villas available to rent and offers a luxury yacht, named Voavah Summer.

Roxstar Concierge provides its clients with exclusive luxury travel at the most exotic destinations on Earth. Book your stay at a private island and we will coordinate your stay and entire experience . For more information visit our website:

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