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Elegance Unveiled: Villa Spalletti Trivelli, Rome's Discreet Luxury Haven

Welcome to Villa Spalletti Trivelli, a hidden gem nestled atop the historic Quirinale Hill in Rome. Our founder, Roxy Robinson, enjoyed a delightful stay at this enchanting hotel and fell in love with its classic elegance. Now, let's embark on a captivating journey through the grandeur, history, and charm that define Villa Spalletti Trivelli.

A Grand Prelude: The Entrance That Dazzles

As you step through the entrance of Villa Spalletti Trivelli, prepare to be enchanted by the grandeur that surrounds you. This creamy sandstone villa, surrounded by meticulously manicured gardens, immediately invokes a sense of awe. It's not just a hotel; it's a cherished family home. This villa welcomes a diverse array of patrons, from couples seeking an intimate escape to families yearning for a peaceful retreat in the heart of Rome.

A Room Beyond Compare: The Romantic Double Rooms

Villa Spalletti Trivelli offers more than mere lodging; it provides an experience that is quintessentially Roman. The Romantic Double Rooms, though the smallest of the villa's offerings, are replete with charm and comfort. With mahogany French windows inviting in natural light, a quaint writing desk, and plush armchairs, they offer a cozy sanctuary for guests.

Indulgences Await: The Mini-Bar and Bathroom

In this abode, even the smallest details are handled with care. The complimentary mini-bar, stocked with all you need, invites you to unwind with your preferred beverage. The bathroom, generously spacious and adorned with Italy's famed travertine marble, offers a luxurious haven for relaxation.

Room Service: A Gourmet Affair

For your culinary cravings, the room service menu caters to every desire, from spinach and ricotta ravioli to penne with fresh pesto, all within the comfort of your room.

An Array of Amenities and Experiences

Beyond the room, Villa Spalletti Trivelli offers a comprehensive set of amenities. Its well-equipped gym beckons those inclined to maintain their fitness routine. Private parking, a rarity in Rome, ensures you navigate the city's complexities with ease. During the summer, indulge in the rooftop jacuzzi and savor a light meal on the terrace.

An Oasis of Tranquility

As guests congregate on the terrace for breakfast and dinner, Villa Spalletti Trivelli comes to life. However, the property remains an oasis of tranquility, a rare find in the bustling heart of Rome. It feels as though you've discovered your own secret hideaway, just steps away from the city's major attractions.

A Roman Hideaway: Villa Spalletti Trivelli's Location

Strategically located between bustling Via Nazionale and the presidential palace, Il Quirinale, Villa Spalletti Trivelli is the perfect base for exploring Rome's treasures, from the Colosseum to the Trevi Fountain. Discover some of Rome's finest dining options in close proximity, making this hotel a hub of convenience.

Timeless Elegance: Style and Character

Picture an antique-filled palazzo with a formal garden that has been in the same family for over a century. The opulent interiors are of such historical significance that they are listed by the Italian heritage ministry. During your stay, you can revel in the rich history of this elegant abode.

Service Beyond Compare: Service and Facilities

The service at Villa Spalletti Trivelli sets a new standard for excellence. The staff doesn't just answer your questions and arrange transfers; they go above and beyond to fulfill your needs. If you require a laptop to connect to the free Internet, they are more than willing to lend you one. The spa, featuring a Turkish bath, gym, and a range of indulgent treatments, ensures you are pampered to the fullest.

Rooms Designed for Comfort: Rooms

The 12 first-floor bedrooms at Villa Spalletti Trivelli are a warm and welcoming contrast to the museum-like reception rooms. Rich fabrics, pastel-hued walls, Fiandra linen sheets, and alpaca or cashmere throws create a serene ambiance. Bathrooms are spacious, lined with marble, and offer both showers and baths, a rare find in Rome. Complimentary minibars add to the experience.

Culinary Delights: Food and Drink

Begin your day with a sumptuous breakfast spread featuring freshly baked pastries and an array of fresh fruits. Hot options are available to order, ensuring your every craving is met. Afternoon tea awaits in the Sala del Camino, complete with a warming fire on cooler days. The hotel's honesty bar offers a delightful selection of wines from the family estate in Umbria.

Experience the Timeless Elegance - Book Your Stay Today

Villa Spalletti Trivelli, a place steeped in history and adorned with captivating quirks, welcomes you with open arms. Old family photos, scattered throughout, infuse a personal touch. The staff and decor offer a level of comfort that makes you feel as if you're strolling through your very own villa. Villa Spalletti Trivelli is more than a hotel; it's an experience.

Don't miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the timeless elegance, comfort, and charm of Villa Spalletti Trivelli. Contact us today to secure your reservation and experience the opulence of Rome in a way like no other. Your Roman adventure awaits!

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