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Luxury Couples Holidays

Every couple has their own unique preferences. That's why we take the time to get to know you personally, ensuring we understand exactly what kind of couples' holiday you're looking for.

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You might yearn for a serene beach escape away from the crowds, or perhaps you crave a chic, off-the-grid adventure. Whatever your heart desires, we specialise in curating luxury couples' holidays that are truly unforgettable. From cultural explorations in European cities to thrilling safaris in Africa and bold expeditions across Asia, our range of holiday ideas for couples spans the globe.


Every destination and accommodation is meticulously vetted by our team of travel experts, ensuring the highest quality experiences. We go the extra mile to arrange top-notch guides and immersive activities, ensuring that your chosen destination comes alive with vibrant experiences. At Roxstar, we pride ourselves on delivering unique, personalised touches and impeccable service, allowing you to unwind, indulge, and savour every moment of your journey.

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Couples Beach Holiday in Europe

If you're yearning for a truly enchanting, romantic, and rejuvenating beach getaway with your loved one, why not explore some of our top picks along the breathtaking Mediterranean coastline?

Image by Dan

Couples Holiday in Europe

For couples seeking adventure and romance in Europe, it's hard to beat the diverse experiences this continent offers. From historic cities to vibrant cultures and stunning rural escapes, Europe promises a lifetime of exploration and discovery.

Image by Hidde Rensink

Couples Safari Holiday

Your first safari holds unforgettable moments: the trumpeting elephants, playful leopard cubs, and sharing wildlife sightings under the starlit sky at the lodge. As a couple, these memories are forever cherished.

Image by Niketh Vellanki

Journeys of a Lifetime

Whether it's Antarctica, Asia, Africa, or a global journey hitting iconic sites, your dream vacation is our mission to make a reality.

Top Destinations for Couples Holidays

The Best Hotels For Couples Holidays

Let our travel experts get to know you and what makes you tick so we can handpick your perfect accommodation. We’ve got everything from chic hotel resorts to over-water villas and intimate boutique hideaways just waiting to be explored


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