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World-Class Medical Spa Programmes at Europe’s Most Advanced Wellness Retreat

World-Class Medical Spa Programmes at

Europe’s Most Advanced Wellness Retreat

Chenot Palace Weggis

Chenot Palace Weggis is Switzerland’s luxury wellness retreat, inviting guests to undertake one of the three meticulously designed signature well-being programmes based on the Chenot Method; Advanced Detox, Recover and Energise or Prevention and Ageing Well.

With a fully integrated, science-based approach to health and wellbeing, when a guest checks into Chenot Palace Weggis, medical screening and state-of-the-art diagnostic is carried out to determine personalised treatments which will be offered. Using Chenot Lifestyle Biomarkers® the Chenot medical professionals will tailor each programme to the guest's exact needs. Every wellness programme consists of preventative and regenerative treatments and is complemented by Chenot Diet to ensure optimum results are reached during a minimum of seven nights / six days stay.

Chenot Advanced Detox is the pillar programme of Henri Chenot and it aims to induce a deep purification and detoxification of the body. It supports the natural processes to excrete metabolic waste and toxins, repair defective tissues and restore hormonal balance. This well-being includes medical consultations, advanced diagnostic tests, a low-calorie plant-based nutritional plan and targeted treatments. Working in synergy, effective detoxifying action is achieved. The treatments and the diet are carried out under strict medical supervision. The well-being treatments consist of cellular resonance therapies, Chenot massage techniques using cupping, electrostimulation and essential oils, hydro-aromatherapies with plant extracts, salt minerals and variations in water temperature and pressure as well as plant-based mud wrapping applications enriched with pure microalgae and invigorating high-pressure showers. The treatments are built to meet individual needs and are designed for a one-week stay. It is beneficial to everyone, and, to those who follow unhealthy habits and a sedentary lifestyle.

The one-week Chenot Recover and Energise programme aims to reduce stress, recharge the body’s all-natural energy and restore its vitality. Starting from the pillar detox treatments of Henri Chenot, the programme is enriched with specialised clinically proven and patented technologies such as neuro-acoustic deep relaxation treatments, whole-body Photobiomodulation and HRV Biofeedback training. These technologies provide stress relief and energise the deeper structures of the body. As a result, the body restores its natural rhythms, reduces chronic stress, improves restorative sleep and mood, regains optimal energy levels, and achieves full potential and overall wellness. The experienced specialists will first conduct deep medical diagnostic tests to enable an accurate evaluation and optimisation of the treatments. This programme is beneficial to those who are constantly bombarded by various life-stressors, feeling fatigued from a demanding daily life. The Chenot Recover and Energise programme is beneficial to those who are constantly bombarded by various life-stressors, feeling fatigued from a demanding daily life. It is also suited for sports professionals who are continuously training, competing and need their batteries recharged, mentally and physically.

The Prevention and Ageing Well programme aims to strengthen the body and improve its resilience to lifestyle challenges with a proactive approach and not from the reactive perspective of today’s standards and metrics of “sickness and repair.” The well-being is built on the pillar detox treatments of Henri Chenot and is customised with the addition of clinically-proven treatments, that strengthen the body’s internal medicine, promote healing and support the tissues and organ systems in the long run. Dr George Gaitanos comments “The body has an amazing ability to improve its functionality and performance at any age, mentally and physically, when provided with the right amount and type of healthy signals. By taking a lifestyle evaluation using state-of-the-art diagnostics, specialised medical professionals assess the current potential of the body and optimise the treatments to the needs of the individual.” The one-week Prevention and Ageing Well programme is designed for health-conscious individuals who want to maintain a healthy and physically active lifestyle at any given age.

The vision of Chenot Palace Weggis is to unlock human potential by increasing mental and physical performance at any age, and the three signature programmes reflect this vision.

Chenot Palace Weggis is a Health Wellness Retreat majestically positioned at the beautiful Lake Lucerne in Switzerland. The Chenot spa spans 5000 sq. metres and is a full-service integrated medical retreat that epitomises holistic wellness at its pinnacle. By far the most comprehensive offering within the Chenot portfolio, Chenot Palace Weggis includes a world-class metabolic and sports laboratory, a whole body cryo-chamber at -110°C, antigravity technologies, an altitude chamber, ultra-modern fitness area, a 21-metre indoor swimming pool and four dedicated Chenot Rooms specially made with technology to create a natural sleeping environment and optimise rest.

A seven-night minimum stay at Chenot Palace Weggis, including one of the extensive Chenot wellness programmes, starts from 8,030CHF (approx. 7.350 EU or 6,750 GBP) per person.

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