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Ambassador Program

Welcome to Roxstar: Africa's Leading Luxury Agency

Roxstar, established in 2004, is a leading luxury agency in Africa and the only agency a part of the Travellermade Serandipians luxury association on the continent. With our head offices in South Africa, we cater to a global clientele. Our expertise extends to both high-end FIT leisure travel and a substantial corporate division specializing in incentives, events, and corporate travel.


At Roxstar, we go beyond traditional travel services. In addition to curating exceptional travel experiences, we organize a wide range of events, including weddings, concerts, fashion shows, and brand launches. Our continuously growing network of business hubs ensures that our clients and their travellers’ benefit from the knowledge and support of a local Travel Management Company (TMC) no matter where they are in the world. We prioritize data integrity, quality assurance, and risk management to ensure seamless travel experiences in any local conditions.


Roxstar Concierge was created with the purpose of offering a unique concierge service that provides privileged access to the most sought-after experiences and opportunities life has to offer, all while minimizing stress and delivering on our promises. When you book with us, you gain access to our "preferred partner" status with leading hotels such as Hyatt Prive Hotels, Preferred Hotels, and Hilton Impresario. Additionally, as a member of TRAVELLERMADE, the world's leading luxury travel network, our team has access to the most renowned and unique properties worldwide.

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Benefits for Ambassadors

Ambassadors will enjoy a range of exciting benefits as part of the program, including:


Opportunities to travel to various destinations around the world and experience the finest hotels, restaurants, and activities.


Potential collaborations with other influencers and celebrities, fostering valuable connections within the industry.


Exposure to high-profile brands and unique experiences that will enhance their personal brand and content creation.


Roxstar travel benefits allow ambassadors to access trade rates, enabling them to travel at discounted prices and enjoy exclusive offers.


Media benefits, including being showcased on Roxstar’s platforms and in the after movie, which will further amplify their reach and visibility.


Ambassadors will receive a unique code, allowing them to sell our suppliers products and services to their audience, and in exchange will be given a percentage.

Ambassador Responsibilities

As an ambassador for Roxstar, you will have important responsibilities in promoting our travel packages and showcasing our partner brands, destinations, and hotels. Your role as an ambassador will primarily involve creating engaging and compelling content on your social media platforms to captivate your audience and inspire them to explore the world with Roxstar. Here are the key responsibilities you will have:

Content Creation

You will be expected to create high-quality content that highlights the unique experiences, accommodations, and attractions offered by our partner hotels, restaurants, and destinations. This content can include photos, videos, stories, and blog posts that showcase the beauty, luxury, and excitement of the travel packages.

Use of Unique Codes

To incentivize your audience to book travel packages and services through Roxstar, you will be provided with unique codes. Encourage your followers to use these codes when making their bookings to avail exclusive discounts or benefits. This will help track the success of your promotional efforts and reward you accordingly.

Social Media Promotion

Utilize your social media platforms, such as Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, or your personal blog, to share your travel experiences and promote Roxstar's offerings. Engage with your audience by sharing your personal insights, recommendations, and behind-the-scenes moments to create an authentic connection.

Reporting and Communication

Regularly communicate with Roxstar's team to provide updates on your content creation, engagement metrics, and any challenges or opportunities you encounter during your ambassadorship. This will help us support you better and ensure a successful collaboration.

By fulfilling these responsibilities, you will play a crucial role in promoting Roxstar's travel packages and creating a buzz around our partner brands and destinations. We value your creativity, authenticity, and dedication in showcasing the best of what Roxstar has to offer.

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Where We Go

Our Influencers and Celebrities


Ambassador Requirements

As an ambassador for Roxstar, we have certain expectations and requirements that we ask you to fulfill. These guidelines are in place to ensure a successful collaboration and to maintain the integrity of our brand. Here are the key expectations and requirements:

Social media Following and Engagement Metrics:

We require ambassadors to have a minimum number of followers on their social media platforms. This number may vary depending on the specific campaign or destination.


Additionally, we expect ambassadors to have a certain level of engagement with their audience, such as likes, comments, and shares on their posts.


Adherence to Our Brand Guidelines and Values

It is important for ambassadors to align with Roxstar’s brand guidelines and values. This includes maintaining a positive and professional image, avoiding controversial or offensive content, and promoting responsible travel practices.


We will provide you with detailed brand guidelines to ensure consistency across all ambassador content.


Commitment to Creating High-Quality Content

Ambassadors should be dedicated to creating high-quality content during their trips. This includes visually appealing photos, engaging captions, and well-edited videos.


We encourage you to showcase the hotels, restaurants, and experiences in an authentic and creative way that resonates with your audience.

Regular Reporting and Communication:

.We expect ambassadors to maintain regular communication with Roxstar’s team throughout the collaboration. This includes providing updates on your content creation progress, sharing insights and feedback, and addressing any concerns or questions.


Timely reporting is crucial for us to track the success of the campaign and make any necessary adjustments.


We believe that having a genuine love for travel is essential for our ambassadors as it allows them to authentically connect with their audience and showcase the beauty and uniqueness of each destination. We want our ambassadors to be passionate about exploring new places and sharing their experiences with their followers.

By meeting these expectations and requirements, you will contribute to the overall success of the ambassador program and help us achieve our goals. We value your commitment and dedication to representing Roxstar in a positive and impactful way.


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