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Discovering AlUla: A Luxurious Desert Odyssey at Habitas AlUla

Nestled within the enchanting desert canyons of the Ashar Valley, Habitas AlUla is not just a hotel; it's an immersive journey where luxury living meets sustainability. Welcome to an otherworldly terrain that beckons the adventurous soul, where shifting sands and ancient civilizations converge, and modern luxury is redefined. I embarked on a journey to AlUla, Saudi Arabia, seeking solace in this UNESCO-listed region. There, Habitas AlUla, a harmonious blend of traditional Arabian aesthetics and modern architecture, greeted me with open arms.

Checking in: An Al Fresco Welcome

Upon arrival at Habitas AlUla, I was immediately captivated by the mesmerizing landscape, unlike anything I had ever seen. Here, in the Ashar Valley, ancient civilizations have left their mark, and sandstone rocks cast ever-shifting shadows on the sun-soaked desert. The hotel seamlessly combines the Bedouin spirit with a liberal, welcoming atmosphere for travelers from around the world.

At the check-in area, I was met with an alfresco reception featuring plush seating. A 24-hour front desk offered a warm Bedouin tea ceremony and a unique ritual of burning acacia seeds to purify the air. Meanwhile, my luggage was whisked away to my villa, setting the stage for a remarkable experience.

Luxurious Accommodations: A Harmony with Nature

The heart of Habitas AlUla is its collection of 96 conscientiously designed villas, blending seamlessly with the desert's natural hues. Each villa is carefully spaced, ensuring tranquility and a sense of isolation, offering the perfect sanctuary amidst the shifting sands.

The spacious, air-conditioned villas offer private outdoor lounging decks, king-sized beds, indoor and outdoor showers, and awe-inspiring canyon views.

To move around the expansive resort, guests have the choice of electric carts or e-bikes, allowing for a unique and exhilarating exploration of the winding paths and open-air art installations.

A Haven for the Curious Traveler

Habitas AlUla is the ultimate destination for the inquisitive traveler seeking modern luxury intertwined with millennia of archaeological history. The resort's three tiers of villas - Celestial Villas, Alcove Villas, and Canyon Villas - offer unique perspectives of the stunning desert landscape.

One standout feature is the absence of in-room televisions, a deliberate choice by Habitas to encourage communal experiences and bring guests together. The focus here is on the shared journey, making each stay a unique and enriching adventure.

Culinary Delights: Tama's Temptations

At Habitas AlUla, guests are treated to a regionally inspired dining experience at Tama, the resort's all-day restaurant. Local ingredients sourced from nearby farms infuse every dish with flavors that are as fresh as the desert breeze. From freshly baked bread with local jams to vegan bowls and succulent moringa ribeye, Tama takes guests on a culinary journey infused with the essence of the oasis.

Wellness and Beyond: A Holistic Oasis

Habitas AlUla is more than a luxurious retreat; it's a holistic oasis. The resort boasts a vast infinity pool overlooking the desert landscape, inviting guests to indulge in pre-breakfast swims and soak up the tranquil ambiance.

The Thuraya Wellness Center is a sanctuary of serenity, offering an array of wellness experiences such as sound healing, meditation, and yoga. Guests are encouraged to explore the integration of sensory stimulation, ensuring a deeper connection to oneself and the mesmerizing surroundings.

For the energetic traveler, the resort features trampolines to shake off excess energy and embark on a unique fitness adventure.

An Exploration of AlUla: Enriching Excursions

Habitas AlUla provides a gateway to explore the heart of the Ashar Valley, where thousands of years of history are etched into the rock and the sand. It's a place where every excursion unveils impressive tombs, ancient inscriptions, and ongoing archaeological discoveries.

A must-see is Jabal AlFil, also known as Elephant Rock, and the stunning Maraya concert hall, a mirage-like structure blending with its surroundings.

Immerse in the Art of Habitas

Art is at the heart of Habitas AlUla, with several DesertX installations scattered throughout the resort. Guests are encouraged to explore and interact with these captivating works of art, adding an element of curiosity and playfulness to the experience.

Soulful Vibes: A Community of Adventurers

The atmosphere at Habitas AlUla is an embodiment of cool, creative luxury. A diverse and socially conscious crowd gathers here, all eager to embrace the resort's sustainability ethos and embark on a shared adventure. The sense of harmony and curiosity is palpable as guests explore the hidden sunken trampolines and whimsical swings scattered across the grounds.

The AlUla Awakening: A New Era of Tourism

Habitas AlUla's opening in 2021 marked a turning point in AlUla's tourism landscape. The ancient city had remained relatively unseen by tourists until Saudi Arabia introduced e-visas and embarked on a mission to showcase its cultural and natural treasures. Habitas AlUla, known for its bohemian resorts, brought a unique form of luxury to the heart of the Ashar Valley. It seamlessly blends premium accommodation with a like-minded community of earth-conscious travelers.

Location and Accessibility

Habitas AlUla is nestled in the heart of the protected Ashar Valley, a place of ethereal landscapes and soaring rock formations. The resort is easily accessible, with AlUla International Airport just a 30-minute drive away. Visitors can explore nearby attractions, such as Hegra, AlUla's Old Town, and the world's largest mirrored building, Maraya.

A Sustainable Oasis

Habitas AlUla is a true desert sanctuary that combines modern luxury with sustainability. Its modern architecture seamlessly blends with traditional Arabian aesthetics. Every aspect of the resort is rooted in tradition, offering guests a unique and enriching experience.

Unplugged Luxury: Room Features

The resort's 96 freestanding villas offer contemporary design with floor-to-ceiling glass to immerse guests in the desert's beauty. King-sized beds, private outdoor lounge decks, and an electronic bike ensure a luxurious and environmentally conscious stay. Outdoor showers, a quirky touch, connect guests with the natural surroundings, and retro furnishings add creative flair to the rooms.

The Final Word: An Enriching Oasis

Habitas AlUla sets a new standard for luxury in the ancient region of AlUla, Saudi Arabia. Its commitment to sustainability, culturally immersive experiences, and a community of like-minded adventurers make it a top choice for conscious travelers. The resort's blend of ancient history, captivating landscapes, and contemporary luxury ensures an unforgettable adventure in the heart of the Ashar Valley. For discerning travelers seeking experiential journeys, Habitas AlUla is an oasis that promises enrichment beyond compare.

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