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Welcome to the Elegance of Jashita Tulum Hotel

Nestled along the shores of the Caribbean, where the azure waters gently caress the sands and the fragrant bougainvillea blooms fill the air with their sweet scent, lies Jashita Tulum. This haven of luxury is a boutique hotel, graced with only 30 opulent suites, secluded in the pristine sanctuary of Soliman Bay, far from the bustling crowds of Tulum.

Within the heart of Jashita resides a sense of belonging, whether you've embarked on a romantic escapade or a family sojourn. It's a place that embraces you with open arms, a place where you'll find kinship with both the locale and its warm-hearted people.

Experience Tulum in a Unique Way

With just 30 lavish suites and sprawling across two hectares of beachfront property, Jashita Hotel offers a realm of privacy and exclusivity that pampers its guests. Here, you can indulge in leisurely strolls along the pristine shores, witness the majestic pelicans gracefully soaring overhead, and savor delectable meals served right on the beach. These are but a glimpse of the unforgettable moments that await you at Jashita Hotel Tulum.

Secluded, Chic, and Romantic – A Paradise Awaits

Jashita is synonymous with seclusion, chic elegance, and romantic ambiance, cocooned amidst lush tropical greenery and the breathtaking turquoise waters. It's all this and more, as described by the Owner and GM, Tommaso Marchiorello. At Jashita, you're guaranteed a hideaway that transcends your expectations.

Pandano Restaurant by Jashita Hotel Tulum

In every home, culinary delight is the essence of comfort. At Pandano, their beachfront signature restaurant, each dish is an artistry crafted from locally sourced ingredients that harmoniously blend Mexican and Italian culinary traditions. The dining experience here is a symphony of flavors, a masterpiece of gastronomic delight. The menu marries Mexican and Italian flavors, offering a delectable array of dishes. Although variety might be somewhat limited, the freshness, speed of service, and presentation consistently shine through. A romantic dinner on the beach, complete with delicious cuisine and cocktails, made the evenings truly enchanting.

Start your day with breakfast, a delightful experience at the beachside restaurant, where the gentle breeze caresses your senses. The menu boasts proper coffee, mini pastries, platters brimming with the freshest mango, papaya, melon, Greek yogurt, granola, and hearty cooked breakfasts.

Lunch is optional, as the sumptuous breakfast often leaves you feeling satiated. A stroll down the bay leads to Chamico's, a local no-frills hotspot, serving the freshest ceviche. After hours of swimming and basking in the sun, the rooftop bar welcomes you with margaritas as the sun gracefully sets. For dinner, the Sahara restaurant overlooks the beach, offering alfresco dining and grilled fish, all at prices that won't burden your wallet.

Adventure Beckons – Explore the Mysteries of Soliman Bay

Soliman Bay boasts the protection of a pristine reef, inviting you to explore its mesmerizing marine ecosystem year-round, regardless of the current's strength. This is your gateway to unrivaled encounters with the Riviera Maya's underwater wonders.

Caoba Spa by Jashita Hotel Tulum – Wellness Redefined

Immerse yourself in the beauty of daily rituals, the timeless practices that nurture your spirit and well-being. At Spa Caoba, a beachfront sanctuary of wellness and relaxation, the enduring traditions of the Mayans await you.

Weddings & Events – Where Moments Become Memories

Jashita loves to host weddings, birthdays, and retreats, crafting unforgettable moments for every occasion. Find inspiration at Jashita's home, and let them transform your dream events into reality. For private event inquiries, please reach out to us.

Private Beach Area – Where Luxury Abounds

The private beach area, known as Beach Road or Hotel Zone, features some of the most opulent Tulum hotels. This lengthy, one-way road is a gateway to the most popular beach club restaurants, offering a bustling atmosphere with plenty of foot and bike traffic.

Tulum Town – A Cultural Experience

Tulum Town, though not extensively explored, offers a distinct cultural flavor with its local shops and streets. It stands apart from the beach areas, offering a more budget-friendly choice, albeit with a longer commute to the beach and finer dining establishments. Here, you'll experience cost-efficiency and cultural immersion, yet miss out on the convenience of activities and upscale lodgings.

Our Tulum Hotel – Jashita Tulum

The experience was akin to that of celebrities; the attentive staff's friendliness and meticulous care made the stay truly delightful. With a spa, yoga studio, outdoor pools, kayaking, and a bar-restaurant named Pandano, offering room service, this boutique hotel is crafted for romance, seclusion, and privacy.

Exquisite Details and Highlights

The Jashita Tulum suite provides in every possible comfort, befitting an eco-luxury hotel that feels secluded yet is just a short drive from the vibrant heart of Tulum. It's a place where you're meant to feel like you're in your private beachfront villa. You'll revel in the luxury of the infinity pool, furnished with oversized, comfortable daybeds, and discreet service anticipating your every need.

Facilities – An Oasis of Luxury

Jashita may not be a full-scale resort, but it boasts three swimming pools, each with its unique ambiance. The family pool is the smallest, nestled close to the restaurant. An adults-only pool stretches toward the beach, and the rooftop infinity pool provides panoramic views of the sea and jungle, along with a bar. A spa, perched high amidst the treetops with views of the private lagoon, offers a range of revitalizing treatments, from exfoliating scrubs to an indulgent cacao ritual. Complimentary paddleboards, canoes, and snorkeling gear are at your disposal, with the hotel organizing diving and fishing trips to explore the vibrant surrounding reef.

Exploring Tulum – A World of Excitement

Jashita's unique charm lies in its secluded ambiance, yet it's just a 15-minute drive from the vibrant heart of Tulum. You can explore the Mayan ruins and savor mescal cocktails at Gitano or dine on lobster pasta at the exquisite Posada Margarita.

In summary, Jashita Tulum Hotel is a resplendent jewel that offers an intimate and luxurious escape. It envelops you in a world of romance and seclusion, where every detail is meticulously tailored to create an unforgettable experience. Contact us to discover the best deals and embark on your journey to this haven of opulence.

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