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Roxy Robinson achieves Gold 1st Grand designer award

Roxstar Group Receives Prestigious Gold Award

This is a wonderful accolade for the work and team efforts, so congratulations to Roxy Robinson and the group of talented, focused people she surrounds herself with to deliver the very best for their clients.

Travelling around the world, Roxy ensures she has firsthand experience of the very best to offer the clients, ensuring they get the best amenities added on to their stay to make it most memorable and favorable.

Roxstar has been operational since 2004 , the only Travellermade Serandipians luxury agency in Africa and partners with many Hotel consortia’s from Hyatt Prive, Hilton Impresario and many more.

We are honoured and very proud Serandipians by Traveller Made.

Achieving 1st Grand Gold travel designer award by the prestigious travel consortium is a great milestone to kickstart 2023 .

We are looking forward to the event in Marbella and the award ceremony .

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They organise many events, weddings, concerts, fashion shows and brand launches. To get in touch or email:

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