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Groot Constantia

Wine enthusiasts from around the world embark on a journey to Groot Constantia, the oldest wine estate in South Africa. Since its establishment in 1685 by Simon van der Stel, Groot Constantia has consistently produced exceptional wines that continue to garner global acclaim.

One of the estate's most treasured offerings is the renowned Grand Constance, a sweet wine hailing from the Napoleonic era. Exclusive to the Cloete Cellar, the birthplace of this exquisite wine, visitors can purchase this historic gem. The Cloete Cellar also houses a captivating museum, where a 195-year-old bottle of Grand Constance, returned to its origins, is proudly displayed. Additionally, two other tasting rooms provide an indulgent experience with wine and chocolate pairings, alongside a selection of award-winning wines.

To fully immerse oneself in the rich heritage of Groot Constantia, visitors are encouraged to embark on the newly launched Visitor Route Experience. This comprehensive ticket grants access to the historic Manor House Museum, the original Cloete Cellar, a guided cellar tour, and a delightful wine tasting. As a memento, guests receive a Spiegalau Crystal wine glass to take home.

For an extraordinary dining experience, the estate offers two exceptional restaurants. Simon's and Jonkershuis restaurants provide al fresco dining, expertly complemented by Groot Constantia's award-winning wines. Whether savoring crispy pork belly and delectable hamburgers amidst the lush vineyards at Simon's Restaurant or indulging in a rustic yet elegant Cape Malay menu at Jonkershuis Restaurant, guests are treated to a truly memorable culinary affair.

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