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4 Chepstow

4 Chepstow Road, Green Point, Cape Town, South Africa


Property Description

4 Chepstow, an upcoming luxury development in Cape Town's prime Green Point locale, aims to blend sophisticated design with optimal functionality. This development is home to 10 meticulously luxury crafted apartments, each providing its own unique layout and flair. With features like open plan designs, en-suite bathrooms, high-quality finishes, modern designs, private patios, secure parking, solar, and backup power, every apartment is designed keeping the discerning urban traveller in mind.

One of the most striking attributes of these apartments is their panoramic views. Situated at the foot of the popular Signal Hill, this property enjoys endless views of the ocean stretching beyond Green Point Park all the way past the Victoria & Albert Waterfront. Residents will not only be able to enjoy the views, but also be able to experience the considered Soho of the Mother City with endless bustling nighttime activities, great restaurants, and amazing coffee shops.

The ideal location of 4 Chepstow in Green Point cannot be understated. Cape Town is recognized throughout the world as one of the most sought-after travel destinations. The added world class activities make this the perfect investment opportunity for short-term rentals. This development is ideally poised for investors looking for a sustainable and valuable asset in Cape Town’s property market that will provide great returns. Given the constant flow of tourists and business travellers to the area, the potential for return on investment is undeniably noteworthy.

At the very pinnacle of 4 Chepstow is the fifth-floor penthouse. This exclusive space boasts a private rimless pool and offers its residents unparalleled surround views. It's a space designed for those who seek both luxury and privacy. The penthouse will offer a finish and lavishness that is that step above the rest, providing exactly the exclusivity that is expected from this unique investment.

In essence, 4 Chepstow represents a harmonious blend of modern living, convenience, and irrefutable investment potential. It's more than just a residential development; it's a gateway to a refined luxury urban lifestyle in the heart of Cape Town. The visionary who first conceived 4 Chepstow undoubtedly demonstrated remarkable foresight and brilliance. Yet, it’s the developer who took on the challenge of turning this grand vision into a tangible reality that deserves commendation for their tenacity and expertise. However, in the end, the true victor is the investor who seizes the opportunity to be part of this groundbreaking development, reaping the rewards and enjoying the unparalleled luxury it offers. They will be the ultimate beneficiary of this triumvirate of innovation, execution, and investment.

Property Details

Property Type

Apartment Block



Average Selling Price

R90,000/ m² Including VAT

Entry Level Apartment Size

67 m²

Largest Apartment Size

276 m²

Property Location

4 Chepstow Road, Green Point, Cape Town, South Africa

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